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Linda Miranda

Linda Miranda

She felt older and full of cellulite

My name is Linda Miranda, I am 26 years old from El Salvador, and I live in Virginia. Since I moved to this country, it became impossible for me to eat healthily. I began to stuff myself with pizza, hamburgers, and sodas, and with that came cellulite and fat. I knew I had gained weight because I tried on clothes that I saw on stores, and nothing would fit properly. I couldn’t wear any more miniskirts, short shirts, or bathing suits because I had to cover my cellulite. I went to see the doctor and he told me that being overweight and having cellulite wasn’t because of my age, but for my unhealthy diet. My brother who has always been honest with me told me that I had to take care of myself. At that moment, I decided that I needed to change my life with the support of Yes You Can!. Today, I’ve lost 43 pounds! I feel like a mannequin because everything I wear looks great! I am happy, without cellulite, and ready to enjoy my summer thanks to Yes You Can!

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