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Laura moreno

Laura moreno

Was pregnant for her quinceañera

My name is Laura Moreno, I’m Mexican, I’m 27 years old and I live in the city of Maryland. As a teenager I was thin and I was very excited about celebrating my 15th birthday and wearing a beautiful dress. Life happened and I ended up celebrating the birth of my first child. This was a life changing event for me, as it would be for any teenager. The reproach of my parents, the mockery of my classmates, drove me to abandon my studies. I felt like my life was cut short, I comforted my tears with food. Even though I was young, I couldn’t lose weight. I was mocked by everybody, I was called fat, ugly, an elephant, all sorts of painful nicknames because I was 210 pounds and overweight. For years I tried different ways to lose weight and drop down from that horrible size, 2XL and nothing worked. But when I saw Alejandro Chaban with all the Yes You Can! Success Stories I had a dream of recovering my life, my self confidence, my figure and to someday wear a beautiful dress. In a year, I lost 92 pounds! It took some time but I recovered my self-esteem, my body, re-started my studies, but most importantly I regained the desire to dream and the strength to make each dream come true. I feel so proud to wear a beautiful Extra Small dress and tiara I dreamed of. I transformed my life and all I want to say is... Yes You Can!
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