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Karina Low

Karina Low

Lived a sedentary life after her son was born

My name is Karina Low I am 34 years old, I am Mexican and I live in Kansas. From a very young age I dedicated myself to dance. My years passed between flamenco and ballet. I could not miss my Mexican food, I enjoyed sopes and gorditas with carnitas without worrying because I was very active. With the arrival of my second child, my life changed completely. I decided to stay home. take care of my baby and little by little I went from being a runner to a snail. I didn’t feel like doing anything! I just wanted to sleep and eat all day. There came a time when I saw the need to drink up to 4 energy drinks. The mix of sweet pastries and energizing beverages was horrible for my body. I was 165 LBS! I felt there was nothing to be done. One day when I was going to an event, the dress that I was wearing didn’t fit me... I decided to say: THIS IS ENOUGH! NO MORE! The next morning I called YES YOU CAN and I ordered my Transformation Kit. Today I have dropped 40 pounds, I know how, when and what to eat thanks to my Nutrition Guide. I can wear the clothes I want! Now I’m in constant movement and I start my mornings with my Coffee Meal Replacement that gives me that touch of extra energy. I thank God for putting YES YOU CAN in my way! From the bottom of my heart...Thank you!.
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