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Karen Morales

Karen Morales

Gained weight because of her pregnancy

My name is Karen Morales, I am Guatemalan and live in Stamford, Connecticut. I always had a lot of dreams one of them was to be a beautiful stewardess. Every time I saw those uniforms I dreamed of wearing one of them. With the birth of my first daughter my plans changed and so did my diet. I would eat everything and anything, I lost control of my eating and reached 200 pounds. My husband and I we’re very proud of our daughter and we wanted our families and friends to meet her, so we planned a trip to Guatemala. That special moment became the saddest. My weight grabbed everyones attention, no one commented on my daughter, they just talked about my weight and I was still wearing pregnancy pants even though I was no longer pregnant. I saw Alejandro Chabán explaining that we could lose weight and still eat the Latin foods we loved, it grabbed my attention. There was a Yes You Can! Coach who connected with me and helped me start my transformation. I started my process slowly, but I got really excited with the 90-Day Transform Challenge! I received more support to reach my goal, I stopped weighing myself, but my clothes let me know I was losing weight. Today I’ve lost 46 pounds! I'm a size 5 and everyone tell me I look cute. I feel like someday, I’ll be in the air with a beautiful stewardess uniform. I’m very proud to regain control of my life and say Yes You Can!
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