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Jelen Guerrero

Jelen Guerrero

Got accustomed to a sedentary living in the U.S.

My name is Jelen Guerrero, I'm 30 years old, I'm from Honduras and I live in Talahasee, FL. My best memories come to my mind when I think about my childhood. Family reunions, my classmates and of course the traditional food from my country. When I turned 18 my life changed completely, I went from being very active to being at home all the time. I moved to US, a country full of contrasts. Something that terrified me was that people used their car even to go to the corner! And...guess what? I became one of them. I barely walked, I could spend hours in front of the TV, I felt slow and without energy. One day I got the worst surprise of my life, I weighed 180 lbs! From being the active girl I became the most sedentary lady you could ever meet. BUT I COULD NOT ALLOW IT! Through social media and with an extra push from my sister-in-law I found YES YOU CAN, it was my salvation! Today I have lost 39 pounds, now I’m super energized. I have learned that no matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you get up. I want to help more people to SAY YES to a healthy lifestyle. I have the best mentor in the world, my Alejandro Chaban and I plan to continue with his great mission: TRANSFORM THE WORLD ONE PERSON AT A TIME , ONE DAY AT A TIME! Thank you YES YOU CAN!
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