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Jeannette Muñoz

Jeannette Muñoz

My name is Jeannette Muñoz. I am 45 years old. I'm a Guatemalan mother and wife. I always worried about my family's healthy eating but not mine. I became addicted to desserts and sweet foods. My husband and children are very active. When I was invited to share with them, I made up excuses not to go. I weighed 178 pounds and wore clothes size XL. When I was alone at home, I used to eat a lot of sweets. I began to feel ill and self-diagnosed myself. I then went to the doctor, and he told me that all my ailments were because I was my poor nutrition so I changed my diet to avoid getting sick. One day in my house, watching “Despierta América,” Alejandro Chaban and his exemplary life made me think about my bad eating habits. I ordered my Transform Kit Food Lover to start my transformation. I started eating a healthy breakfast in the company of my family, and I have learned to eat properly. I lost 32 pounds, and I was able to run a complete marathon in Los Angeles. Thanks to Yes You Can!, I'm in the best moment of life with my family, and I have the strength to run the marathon of life. Now I'm a part of the Success Stories and an accomplished and confident woman.
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