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Jackeline Caraballo

Jackeline Caraballo

Losing her grandmother and father affected his nutrition

My name is Jacqueline Caraballo, I'm 41 years old, I'm Dominican and I live in New York. As far as I could remember, my family was very close. I grew up next to my grandmother, who prepared the most delicious meals. We had such a good relationship that she became my second mom. I left my beautiful island in search for a beautiful life and started a new beginning in the city that never sleeps. Ironically, I also stopped sleeping and eating normally. Shortly after I moved, my grandmother and my father passed away. My days passed as if I was a zombie. I only ate at night, food looked the same to me, the bigger the portion the better. I no longer had energy, I sat behind my desk all day. My life had lost the sense of purpose it used to have. One summer, my mother and sister came to visit me and when they saw me, their eyes told everything. They were terrified about how fat I was! I weighed 174 lbs! Very worried they told me that they wanted to help me, I needed to stop for good!. Then one morning I watched Success Stories with them and we decided that YES YOU CAN was my best option. Now I weight 44 lbs. less and I will always be very grateful with my little angels in heaven and with YES YOU CAN. I feel like I resurfaced from the ashes, full of light and vitality. I’m ready to fly like the phoenix, transforming one person at a time, one day at a time! YES YOU CAN!

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