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Iveth Gonzalez

Iveth Gonzalez

When you’re overweight, there are so many things that make your life difficult. I didn’t have the energy to have fun and play with my daughter. I had been thin my entire life. In fact, people always called me “skinny girl” or “skinny little thing,” which drew the attention away from the way I ate. When I got married, I started gaining a little weight, and without realizing it, I'd reached 170 pounds. Every time I went up a size, I would get worried, but whenever I tried to do something about it, my laziness would win. In the beginning, I went and bought larger clothes and drove myself mad until one day, I went to buy some pants and heard, “Excuse me, Miss, we only have that in the plus sized section.” I almost fainted! I ran out of the store and locked myself in my house for several days. My most difficult moment was a few weeks later, when I was attending my sister’s wedding. I was one of the bridesmaids, and when we tried on the dresses, none of the ones that we liked would fit me, while the other 3 girls looked amazing in their dresses. After that day I told myself, “It’s time. I have to stop being lazy! Do something for yourself, and bring back the skinny girl.” A couple of days later, I started looking for diets online, but all of then looked boring and too complicated to keep up with. After searching for some time, I found Alejandro Chabán’s Facebook page, and started following him. I saw two videos and I was hooked. I felt like he was talking directly to me. He understood exactly how I felt, and knew how to get me out of this “hole” I was stuck in. That day, I called to get my Yes You Can! Transform Kit. From that moment on, I couldn’t live without my Complete Whey Protein Choco-Brownie shakes. I would replace ice cream with a protein shake everytime I got a sweet tooth. I put it in anything, from my coffee to pancakes in the morning. Now, after a few months with Yes You Can! and exercises, I can say thanks to Alejandro and his group of specialists for all of their support. Because of them, I lost 45 pounds and went from a size 13 to a size 3! I went back to being the “skinny girl” with more strength than I had ever had.
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