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How did she go From Chubby to Hottie?

How did she go From Chubby to Hottie?

Since she was a little girl Sulyema had problems with her weight, she was always the “chubby girl” of her house and for a very long time she assumed that role and got used to it. When she went into her teenage years she started feeling more and more uncomfortable with her weight and with all the health problems that came along with this like extreme hormonal changes and a severe case of juvenile acne. After trying a lot of different diets with no success whatsoever she found the Yes You Can! Weightloss Plan  she lost 17 pounds in only 4 weeks.

Suly, as all of her friends and family call her, never had healthy eating habits. She ate a lot of junk food and candy and her schedules were all over the place. This, plus the lack of a movement routine, led her to gain a lot of weight. Desperate to change the situation, Suleyma starting trying every diet that she could find but none of them seemed to work. These drastic changes in her diet lead to a very big change in her hormone levels and she started suffering from harsh acne. Because of this her self esteem crumbled; she wasn’t only unhappy with her body but now her face was also a problem. That’s why she decided to put and end to her suffering and find a permanent and effective solution to her problem. The first step she took was starting to follow the Yes You Can!  nutritional guide and she started to see results immediately. Her face started clearing up and hormone levels begun to go back to normal in the first week. She swears by her Organic Pure greens.

After only 7 weeks Suly not only lost 17 pounds and reached her ideal weight but thanks to her new diet and the Yes You Can! Natural Supplements she said goodbye to her acne for good without any scars or sun spots! Now her skin looks younger and fresher than ever and when she sees pictures of her a couple of months back she can’t even believe it’s the same person! All the dedication and hard work that this beautiful winner has done is paying off, now she has a healthier lifestyle and her health is great. Thanks to the Yes You Can! Diet Plan Colon Cleanser she not only look amazing but she also feels amazing, free of toxins and clean inside and out. Today she keeps maintaining, toning her body and with her self esteem higher than ever because she looks incredibly hot! She is really grateful to have found the formula of her motivator Alejandro Chabán and says that:

“What I like the most about the Yes You Can! Weight management program is that it’s not complicated like others think; it’s easy to follow. I have learned to make my three main meals and my two snacks which is something I didn’t know before because everything I made was hurting my health”.


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