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Hortencia Espinoza

Hortencia Espinoza

She was always in a bad mood and without energy

My name is Hortencia Espinosa, I was born in Guatemala and I live in Florida. I have the best mom in the world and I have always dreamed of giving my children the same love and good education that she gave me. When I moved to the United States, I started my own family, but the nostalgia and stress of a new country, a different language, and the new responsibilities truly affected me. I began to overeat and gained a lot of weight, so much that it affected what I love the most: my children. I was always in a bad mood and without energy. I was even putting my health at risk. Also, I was drifting away from what I wanted the most: to be the best mom. I made the decision to transform myself. I made several failed attempts until I found Yes You Can!, which helped me every step of the way to reach all my goals. Thank you Alejandro Chaban because with your guide and the Yes You Can! products, today I can celebrate my life as a mother and honor the person who gave me everything, my mom.

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