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Gissel Díaz

Gissel Díaz

"She has been overweight since she was a teenager"

My name is Gissel Díaz, I am Dominican, and I live in Rhode Island. Since I was a teenager, I started being overweight. Today, I am 39 years old and there hasn’t been a day that I’ve try something new to lose weight. It got to the extent that I wanted to get surgery to get rid of my obesity. I was desperate, I didn’t want to dress in a huge size 14. I was ashamed of myself, I was short of breath, I lived suffocated and I panicked every time I went to sleep. I thought I could die because being overweight, I weighed 205 pounds, affected how I slept as sometimes I stopped breathing. I’ve spent a fortune trying to improve my health and my life, but nothing worked. One night, full of fear and despair, I wrote a message asking for help to the person that today I am so grateful for transforming my life: Alejandro Chabán. He didn’t sell me products, but rather taught me how to be a better person with a healthy lifestyle. Today, I’ve lost 47 pounds and fulfilled my dream of being a healthy woman and I can do and enjoy the simple things in life. I love getting dressed, looking beautiful, and sleeping better because I know that there will always be a better tomorrow in which I’ll say: Yes You Can!.
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