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Flerida gavino

Flerida gavino

I am Flerida Gavino, I was born in the Dominican Republic and live in the Bronx, New York. After having two children, I went from weighing 119 pounds to 189 pounds. I am 29 years old, and I hated seeing myself so fat and different from what I've always been. In my desperation, I put my life at risk I tried everything to lose weight: plaster therapy, girdles, Chinese tea, mesotherapy injections, acupuncture, “magic pills” and much more. One day, I ended up in the hospital with hypertension, tachycardia, and inflamed liver. I felt cold, I couldn’t breath, and my feet were sweating. I was on the verge of a disaster when my doctor discovered that the famous “magic pills” had hidden illegal drugs. These were difficult days in which I faced my deepest fears. Beeing hospitalized for several days and putting my life in danger was not the price to pay to look better and be healthier for my children. I went up to 200 pounds I always stayed focused in wanting to achieve my goal of losing weight. I owed it to my husband and two children, who are everything to me,to be healthy. Therefore, I tried to exercise, but I didn’t see any results . I was close to giving up. Alejandro Chabán's diet plan transformed my life When it seemed that nothing would work, a friend told me about the Yes You Can! Diet Plan because it’s based on natural ingredients. I tried it, and that's when I began to see my great transformation. Suddenly, I was on my way to achieving my goal. I felt no side effects. I prepared oatmeal with my Cappuccino for breakfast and accompanied it with my four supplements. I love the collagen because it's the perfect ally in this process, helping my skin not to get saggy. I proudly say that today, seven months later, I have lost 49 pounds in a healthy and safe way. I went from a size XL to a M. I’ll eternally thank Alejandro Chaban and the YES YOU CAN! DIET PLAN. Thanks Alejandro for being my guardian angel and helping me become a weight loss Success Story. You can do it, too!
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