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Fanny Rendón

Fanny Rendón

Achieved her transformation at age 57

My name is Fanny Rendón, I'm Mexican, I'm 57 years old and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I never took care of my weight and ate anything I wanted, no matter what it did to me. In each pregnancy, I gained weight. I drank a lot of soda and coffee with rich Mexican sweet breads. I got up to 185 pounds. My family teased me and told me I needed a tractor to get out of bed, or I looked like a grape because I was round and small. They were right. I wasn’t healthy and I was tired of being overweight. I found Yes You Can! through television and I began to follow Alejandro Chaban, who taught me “Yes You Can!”. With the 90 Day Transform Challenge, I completed my transformation and now I weigh 133 pounds and I'm a size medium. At age 57, I was born again because I feel healthy and the best part is that I can eat my Mexican food following the Nutrition Guide. I love the shakes and my favorite flavor is Cappuccino. Yes You Can! is the best thing that could have happened to me. Another of my dreams has been to have my second honeymoon in Miami, and because of the Transform Challenge, I got in shapee and won a wonderful trip to Miami with my husband. I transformed my life and I lost 52 pounds with Yes You Can!.
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