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Evelyn Velasquez

Evelyn Velasquez

She went from active to overweight

My name is Evelyn Velasquez, I am 38 years old, I am Honduran and I live in Houston, Texas. I always considered myself a very active woman. I remember playing the sports that only boys would play. I loved soccer, I was a really good midfielder. I ate healthy food and I was well aware that a good diet was a key part in your life. Time passed and I forgot all about this. After being a thin and super sporty woman, I became the mother who did not leave her house. I had put my life on standby, my head just asked me for fried food and soda! Obviously eating like that, got me to a LARGE SIZE! I loved to wear short blouses, I changed them for tunics, wide ones. It was the only thing that could hide my terrible belly. Tired of being asked what had happened to my body, I decided to stop and say: Goodbye, big sizes! I started a new lifestyle with the best, YES YOU CAN! Today at 38 years old, when many think you are old and cannot do it, I say TO YOU: YES YOU CAN!. I turned that big belly into a strong SIX PACK! I wouldn’t change my Nutrition Guide and Choco-Brownie shake for anything! Thank you YES YOU CAN for always being there!
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