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Ester Hernández

Ester Hernández

Abusive relationship led to weight gain

My name is Ester Hernández. I am 52 years old; I am Mexican, and I live in Oregon. I was in a bad relationship. His mocking tone and comments about my appearance made me forget about me, and I started seeking refuge in food. I poisoned my soul and my body. It cost me a lot of tears, sadness, loneliness, and I ended up weighing 215 pounds. I went through a very embarrassing and difficult time when they told me that I resembled a pumpkin because of how round I looked. I was buried alive. I no longer had the energy, and I just ate and slept. One day, I got up determined to change everything, I had to resume my dreams. I wanted to be a new me! To live again. That's when I decided to contact Yes You Can!. Today, I have lost 55 pounds, and I am the woman I always wanted to be, happy and eager to live regardless of age. Thanks to Alejandro Chaban and Yes You Can!, I’m happy that now I’m a size medium. As a Latina, I celebrate by loving myself, taking care of myself, and dancing to the rhythm of Yes You Can!.
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