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A balanced nutrition is vital at any age to enjoy a full, satisfying, and healthy life.


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Let's begin tasting, one by one, the ingredients in our food with our mind and heart.



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Remember: Action + Intention = Transformation.

Esmelin Abreu

*Consumers who correctly follow the Yes You Can! Program of proper diet and exercise and two Complete Meal Replacement shakes per day can expect to lose approximately 3 pounds per month. However, results may vary depending on a variety of individual factors.

Neglected her health for motherhood

My name is Esmelin Abreu, I am Dominican and I live in New Jersey. I had always been thin, but life changed and now I am the mother of six beautiful children. I spent long hours in the house cooking, taking care of my children and eating with each one of them. As Dominicans, there is nothing better than a good plate of rice, beans, and spaghetti, all together! Even though I was young, my doctor told me that I was obese because I weighed 222 pounds. The saddest part was that I wanted to change my 3XL size, but I didn’t know how to do it. I knew about Yes You Can! and Alejandro Chabán, and I was totally inspired because it was the perfect solution for my busy and hectic life. I took action and began my transformation. I work from dawn and my day doesn’t end until midnight, but now I know how to have a balance. I've lost 64 pounds! I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be with my family, be healthy, wear a dress after many years, and get my life back thanks to Yes You Can!.

Esmelin Abreu used our transformation kit


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