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Ellyn Solis

Ellyn Solis

My name is Ellyn Solis. I am 37-years-old from Honduras and now I live in California. For many years, I thought I had a relatively “normal” figure. However, everything changed. I got married for the second time and ventured into a new business where I invested all my savings. I had a lot of stress! Food was my comfort and got to weigh 200 pounds. The first time I met my mother-in-law, I wore pants size 15. That day, she took me to the upstairs bedroom and said: “The skinny people like me, sleep on this side, and the fat ones can go on the other side, with the big bed. Believe me, you will not fit in the small bed.” I wanted to disappear and go eat. After that trip, I decided to lose weight and stop all the humiliation. My husband became a big support to my decision. So, I decided to trust Yes You Can! and ordered my Transform Kit. Now, I lost 41 pounds and I am a part of the Weight Loss Success Stories. Today, I feel fortunate to be a part of the Yes You Can! family.
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