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Edna Martinez

Edna Martinez

Ate poorly because of her busy lifestyle

My name is Edna Martinez, I am Mexican and I live in Laredo, Texas. I am a mother of 5 children, a wife, and I work very hard to fulfill my dreams and those of my family, but the overload of things had me under a lot of stress. I never had time to eat, and when I did find time, I ate big portions: tortillas, desserts, potatoes with chilito, everything. I came to weight 196 pounds at the worst time of my life. I was a size 16 and everybody referred to me as “the fat one”. I was sad, tired, and the worst thing of all, I was constantly ridiculed. One day, I was looking at a magazine to choose a dress for a wedding, and I fell in love with a mermaid cut dress. My boss told me that I wouldn’t be able to fit into that dress, and that truly affected me. I decided that I was going to prove her and the world that I could wear that dress and that I would look amazing. Thanks to Alejandro Chaban, I found the passport to my new healthy life called Yes You Can!. As of today, I’ve lost 53 pounds! I am a size 4 and I can wear the dress that I dreamed of. Thanks to Alejandro Chaban, who motivated me and taught me that if I can visualize it, I can achieve it. Yes You Can!
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