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Editzia Guzman

Editzia Guzman

Motherhood led to weight gain

My name is Editzia Guzman, Im 31 years old, Im from Nicaragua and I live in Lithonia, GA. As a child, I always liked going into stores to try on clothes. I dreamed of having a room full of dresses in every colors, like in princess stories. Life happened in the blink of an eye, I was a mom at an early age and I was face reality. I was dominated by the worries of being a single mother. I only found comfort in food. I felt that eating large quantities calmed me, but I was totally wrong! I could not see myself in the mirror...I weighed 209 pounds and I was a size XL! Trying on clothes had become a horror was exhausting to spend hours and hours in a fitting room without result. When I got back home I gathered up the courage and called YES YOU CAN!. Step by step I started a new lifestyle, one that filled me with satisfaction. Today I have lost 51 pounds, I am healthy and I feel beautiful inside and out. Now the princesses of the story are my daughters and best of all, we share the same passion for fashion! I have control of my life and I owe everything to the key that opened the door to a healthier and fuller life...YES YOU CAN!
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