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Dunia Villeda

Dunia Villeda

"Her insecurities jeopardized her marriage"

My name is Dunia Villeda, I am a Honduran national. I arrived in this country with the illusion of working to give my children a better future. I spent eight years apart from them, a very difficult stage in my life where loneliness made me forget I existed. Anxiety and depression were my only companions bringing as a consequence an overweight of 180 pounds that prevented me from doing my job comfortably as I constantly lived without energy, I had difficulty walking, climbing stairs, etc. Overweight was consuming me, the most difficult time I remember was the reunion with my children, who at first did not recognize me, then asked if I was pregnant and if I already had another family. That’s when I took action, I dared to say Yes You Can! And thanks to the Transformation Kit I managed to lose 50 pounds.
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