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Dolores Valdivia

Dolores Valdivia

My name is Dolores Valdivia. I am 31 years old, I am Mexican, and I live in California. I always worked to help the household economy but, when my little son was diagnosed with autism, I knew that my place was at home taking care of my 4 children. I ate without any control. I had no discipline or plan when eating. I weighed 167 pounds. I tried to stop eating for 2 or 3 days to see if I lost weight, but it didn't work. I wanted to cover my fatness so I wore size XL clothes I had no hope. But one day, watching Alejandro Chabán and the Weight Loss Success Stories in “Despierta America,” I decided to do something for my health and ordered my Transform Kit Food Lover. I lost 42 pounds Thanks to Yes You Can! and Alejandro Chabán, I now lead a healthy lifestyle with a Latin flavor.
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