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Does Losing Weight Make You Look Younger?

Does Losing Weight Make You Look Younger?

The million dollar question:

Do you look older or younger when you lose weight?

"A study has revealed that losing weight can accelerate the aging process, making you look older. This is according to a study conducted by researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin. They studied CT head scans of 19 middle-aged volunteers (ranging from age 46 to 57 years) twice, a decade apart."
Here is one Successful Story:

When he turned 38 years old, Juan Montes  realized that his weight was taking away his youth.  He felt like he was 60 years old instead and was experiencing a lot of health issues that he had never gone through before. One of the biggest problems he experienced was the lack of sleep. As he gained more weight, he started to snore a lot more and that would keep him up all night. His lack of sleep led to a lot of midnight snacking, very bad moods and low productivity levels. 

What was worse, Juan’s daughter was also overweight, and her wellbeing was beginning to get jeopardized. At this point in his life, he decided to make a change. He needed to show his daughter that losing weight was very possible without any surgeries or having to spend a lot of money.  

The key for Juan was finding a healthy plan that he could follow every single day and whether he was at home, at a restaurant, at work, or on vacation. He also wanted a nutrition plan that was unrestricted and a fun exercise routine that was easy to follow. That’s what makes the Yes You Can! Weight Management program such a great success for people like Juan and you! Get into the best shape of your life without having to give up your favorite foods or spend hours exercising.  he started with the 7 day detox and followed up with the weight loss plan. Yes, You Can! 

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