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Dayarana Martínez

Dayarana Martínez

She was able to wear a bikini again

I am Dayarana Martínez, I am Dominican and I live in Philadelphia. I’ve always been skinny, but after having my children, my metabolism changed. I felt very anxious, I couldn’t stop eating and therefore, I began to gain weight. Seeing that I have always been so thin and active and suddenly being overweight, the fact that people told me that I was fat hurt a lot. I decided that I would dedicate my time to me because my children deserved to have a beautiful mother as before. I, a confident woman, dreamed of wearing a bikini again, so I called Yes You Can! and everything changed! I learned to eat healthier and to live better. In the first week, I saw and felt a big difference and today, I feel like a sexy woman again. I can finally wear my bikini! Thanks to Alejandro Chabán! He’s my idol and as an immigrant like me, he came to this country with nothing but many dreams. He has achieved so much that he is my inspiration and he taught me that anything is possible. Yes You Can!.
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