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Darlyng Cruz

Darlyng Cruz

Never lost her pregnancy weight

My name is Darlyng Cruz, I am Nicaraguan and I live in Oregon. I always dreamed of having a family. Now, despite being happily married and being the mother of 4 children, I felt sad and depressed because after giving birth, I was an extra-large size and weighed 185 pounds. I only wore maternity clothes and I didn’t want to leave the house or spend time with my kids outside. To try to get rid of my huge belly, I spent hours and hours exercising. I thought that the more I sweated in the gym, the more I would lose weight. I came home starving, desperate to eat whatever I could, and sometimes I didn’t eat at all or just ate a yogurt or cereal. I didn’t understand why, despite my efforts, I didn’t lose weight. And the next day I ruined all my efforts eating badly because I was so frustrated. One day, I decided to call and give Yes You Can! a chance. Now, I eat more and exercise less, and lost 49 pounds! I feel full of energy, I have fun with my family and finally, I can wear medium-sized clothes. Yes You Can! is real, easy, healthy, and the perfect diet for Latin moms.
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