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Catherine Torres

Catherine Torres

My name is Catherine Torres. I’m 36 years old and all of my obesity problems started after I became a mother. I tried losing weight a thousand different ways, but every diet I tried was boring and flavorless. I would get really bored. I’ve lived in Connecticut for eight years now and I’ve always loved the winter here because I get to eat whatever I want and also hide my body under all my layers of clothes. I really hated when summer came along because I had to deal with the shame of people seeing my body. I didn’t want my friends from school or my family to see me being that big or wearing an XL bathing suit. One day, I went shopping with my daughter and I kept insisting I was a size 12 but the only size that actually fit me was a size 18. My daughter was really worried and with a sad look she begged me to lose weight for my health. I started the diet with a lot of fear but got really excited when I realized that I actually could eat the food I wanted. The Complete Meal Replacement shakes have been an amazing success for me. I always take them to work or wherever I go. I lost 40 pounds with Yes You can!, something I never thought I could achieve. This year, I can finally enjoy my summer with my family and my daughter will be really proud of me when she sees me in her graduation looking amazing in a size 6 dress. Yes You can!.
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