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Carla Lucio

Carla Lucio

Bride who couldn’t fit in her wedding dress

My name is Carla Lucio. I’m 39 years old; I’m Mexican, and I live in Arizona. Food always played a major role in my family. From baptisms to good grades, accomplishments were always celebrated with tamales, soups, taquitos, etc. I was never concerned with portions or if it was time to eat because I was always very thin. Like a majority of women, I dreamed of my wedding day. I wanted to be a slim and elegant bride with a perfectly fitted dress, like a wedding cake topper doll. Life is full of surprises, and my first daughter came before my wedding along with a weight gain that brought me to 203 pounds! So when I decided to get married, I moved the earth, sky, and sea to find my dream wedding gown! But surprise, I couldnt find anything that fit! I panicked! I went to so many stores, and they all closed their doors on me. Sadly, I had no other choice but to go to a plus size store. That was how I found my dress, which looked more like a bed sheet than anything else because of the amount of fabric needed! As the years passed, I gave myself over to being chubby. One day, I saw a Success Story, and it made an impact on me to the point that I decided at that moment to let go of my past and I convinced myself that with Yes You Can! I would be the next to triumph. I’m filled with pride to say that as of today, I lost 70 pounds and live my life to the fullest! I want to renew my wedding vows so I can wear the wedding dress I always dreamed of! Now, I look and feel like that little topper doll and I am happier than I could have ever imagined. What do you think, can you achieve anything with perseverance and determination? Yes You Can!
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