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Betsimar Farrera

Betsimar Farrera

She gained weight because she was homesick

My name is Betsimar Farrera, I am Venezuelan and live in Washington DC. I had to leave my country for reasons beyond my control. I felt as if they had taken away from me everything I worked so hard for. I refused to accept that I didn’t live in Venezuela anymore. I would drown my sorrows with food. I was gaining weight and wasn’t taking care of myself, but I didn’t want to accept it. Until one day, I ate so much that I got sick and my husband worried about me, confronted me. That is when I realized the denial I was living in. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a video of Alejandro Chaban, and watching how he transformed not only his body but also he became a successful businessman being an immigrant, filled me with hope. I ordered my Yes You Can! Transform Kit, and lost 46 pounds. From an extra-large size, I am now small. I was born again, and now I enjoy my life in this country, where my family and I will build a bright future.

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