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Baudilio Cordero

Baudilio Cordero

He had many bad habits and one was junk food

My name is Baudilio Cordero, I am Dominican and I live in New York. For some time, I was lucky because, unlike my friends, I could eat anything I wanted, like fried chicken wings, Chinese food or junk food, and I wouldn’t get fat. I started a night job, so on top of my addiction to food, I began other bad habits, such as smoking 15 cigarettes every night, drinking 8 beers and eating food full of fat and when I got home at dawn, I went to bed. That is how I came to weigh 225 pounds and I had to order my work uniform a size 2XL to fit my huge bloated belly full of fat. I felt powerless, neglected and anxious about food, tobacco, and alcohol. I was missing the best years of my life and my family. At my own house, I had the best example. My wife became a Success Story and my personal Yes You Can! Coach, who taught me how to have a healthy lifestyle. I decided that if my wife was a Barbie, I would be the Dominican Ken and a heartthrob like our Founder and the person who inspired and transformed our lives: Alejandro Chabán. As of today, I've lost 44 pounds! My life changed from night to day. Today, I am a strong, healthy man full of energy. I come from the Caribbean to unite everyone to this movement of having a healthy lifestyle with a Latin flavor called Yes You Can!.
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