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Angie López

Angie López

"Her insecurities jeopardized her marriage"

My name is Angie Lopez, I am Mexican and live in Atlanta. I’ve always been thin, and had a happy and passionate marriage, which gave me 4 beautiful children, but left me overweight. Filled with responsibilities, I became a full-time mom and spent all day long eating. That is how I got to 180 pounds. I lost my self-esteem and as a woman, I threw all passion out the window. I was ashamed of my body, of how fat I looked. I went to bed with my children, so my husband didn’t sleep with me. My marriage was cold because of my insecurities. I made the decision of improving how I was as a mother, wife, and woman, so I began my transformation with Yes You Can!. As of today, I’ve lost 58 pounds! I feel beautiful and sexy. I lost weight and regained my self-esteem and the passion in my marriage thanks to Yes You Can!.

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