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Andrea Quintero

Andrea Quintero

To avoid her obesity, she didn't have any mirrors

My name is Andrea Quintero, I am Mexican and I am 27 years old. I have always been very vain and I liked looking pretty. After getting married and being a mother, I decided to stay at home to enjoy my family and food. I felt at complete confidence of grabbing a cookie every five minutes, so I lived by doing trips to the kitchen and eating all day long. My family is very active and it was unfortunate and hard that because I was overweight, I couldn’t enjoy them activities outdoors. Having a bad nutrition, filled with carbs, and becoming so sedentary, led me to weight 185 pounds. I knew I’ve gained a lot of weight because my dress size was extra-large and trying to avoid reality, I didn’t have mirrors at my house for more than ten years. I tried many things to lose weight, like skipping meals, but nothing worked. One day, I went to a Yes You Can! Shake Party and sign-up for the 90-Day Transform Challenge. That is when I began my new lifestyle. As of today, I’ve lost 56 pounds and there isn’t a mirror I can’t resist. I feel healthy, pretty and happy that I am a small size. I regained my self-esteem and wonderful moments with my family full of energy. Yes You Can!
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