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Alvino Vásquez

Alvino Vásquez

He couldn't horseback ride anymore

My name is Alvino Vasquez, I'm Mexican and I live in California. Since I was a kid I loved horses. What I enjoyed the most was horseback riding and going to the rodeo, but I got to the point of being so obese, 212 pounds, that I had to stop riding. I began to gain weight when my dad died. He was my best friend and always accompanied me to everything: to play soccer, to horseback ride, and cheered me on. When he passed away, it really hurt me anytime I did something that reminded me of him. I started eating like crazy, even eating two to three plates of food. Until I said I can’t be tired and agitated all the time. I want to enjoy my life, be able to do my job well, and become the best charro I could be. Then a friend told me about Yes You Can! and it was the best thing to get to my ideal weight. Now I can give it my all when I am horseback riding. I know my dad has to be very proud of me. Thanks Yes You Can!!
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