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Abel Flores

Abel Flores

My name is Abel Flores and I am proudly Mexican. Since I can remember, I have been overweight but never gave the importance it truly deserved. I could eat up to eight tacos in one sitting. As the years went by, I began to feel the negative effects on my body and I couldn’t do the things my friends enjoyed doing. When I met my wife Rosie Rivera, I loved her for her beauty and personality. However, she suffered in silence and her being overweight was causing her many insecurities. I fully understood, since I had my extra pounds and it caused me the same feelings. I tried different ways to lose weight but nothing worked. One day Rosie told me she had met Alejandro Chaban while talking about Yes You Can! Products. All of the success stories that he had helped caught her attention, but she still wondered if the plan really worked. After a long discussion, we decided that we would both try the Yes You Can!, support each other and achieve our goals. When I started, I thought it would be lots of torture, but after the first week, I was in love with the plan, its products made with high-quality ingredients and my new lifestyle. I really like food and meat so the Transform Kit Food Lover was perfect for me. Not only did I reach my goal of losing 32 pounds, but as of today I have shed 37 pounds. Now I'm in the maintenance plan to avoid a rebound and to continue this new lifestyle. Thanks to Yes You Can! for helping me get up, have a healthy life and even improve my marriage.
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