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How I Lost 40 Pounds in 90 Days at 41 Years Old

I reached my ideal weight and felt fantastic: full of energy and healthy! I had fallen in love with myself and to celebrate my success, I indulged on my vacation, devouring sweets and desserts like no tomorrow. I started my cheat meal once a week on Sundays… then Saturday and Sunday… then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…

 Before I knew it, those calories accumulated in my body and my clothes started to fit tight. My body reflected what I was giving it. I started to feel sluggish and breakout, I felt pain in my joints, I’d wake up with swollen and puffy eyes, had irregularity in my digestion, and my energy was at an all-time low. 

 That's when I decided to make a commitment to myself and start my 90 Day Transformation Challenge, without sugar, fried foods, desserts, or liquor. I needed a comprehensive and effective diet plan to achieve my goals, and turned to a proven solution: the Yes You Can! All-In-One Kit.

I started the 7 Day Detox and lost 9 pounds in one week! I felt motivated to continue with the next phase, the Transformation Kit. Using the Traffic Light Diet and Nutrition Guide I was able to rediscover a new and improved Alejandro.

Today, I’m celebrating losing 40 pounds at 41 years old and I feel better than ever, with more energy and vitality than before! I invite you to join me in my commitment to becoming my best version. There is no better time to start than RIGHT NOW!

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At Yes You Can! we have the tools you need to succeed in your weight loss journey, no matter your age, sex, or physical/medical condition. Yes You Can! is a guaranteed system that has always been there, no matter how many times we get off track.

Appreciate where you are in every moment of your life. I am proud of who I was at that stage, I was doing the best I could with what I had. Today, this is my best version, and maybe in the future it will be different. Don't let a comment or a label interfere with your life process, or your value.
- Alejandro