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The Perfect Complement for my Diet by Gaby Espino

By Yes You Can! October 18, 2022

The Perfect Complement for my Diet

Hellloooo guys, here I am again with a new blog, super appreciative as always for all of the comments and questions within the past week. This is really significant for me and it fills me with so much energy to find the perfect advise each week to share with you guys.

I’ll tell you that these days have been crazy! In between the parties, family visits, the last few days of school for the kids, and recordings, I’ve had very little time for myself. Whenever we have a million things on our plate, it’s hard to keep a diet going to perfection. The hardest part is that because a lack of time, I’ve had to eat in the car, in the dressing room, and in any place other than the table. Fortunately I always have my shakes, but because of the lack of time I’ve eaten less vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. One day I saw Alejandro Chaban and he yanked my ears because he saw that my portions were a little deranged, haha. He told me how important it was to have all of the needed nutrients, no matter if I didn’t have time. The same day he gave me the new Yes You Can! multi-vitamin, and it has been my saving grace.

Since I was really little, I remember my mom telling me every single day that “the smart girls and pretty girls always take their vitamins,” and I would always die of laughter and would never listen. Today I finally understand how important it is for a child and I always try to give my little ones the foods that are the richest in vitamins and minerals that I can find. And now I'm being good taking my Yes You Can! multi-vitamin.

From the first day I started seeing incredible changes. I couldn't believe the amount of energy I had. In the morning I would make breakfast for my kids, go over my script, talking on the phone with my family in Venezuela, and 25 other things at the same time! The best part is that I don’t have such a drop after, like with coffee. I stay really energetic all day. This is because of vitamin B, which is like an energy drink without all the sugar and chemicals.

At this time of the year the temperature usually drops, and I CAN’T get sick for the life of me. I want to enjoy every second of the parties and perform my best for recordings. The multi-vitamin helps me raise my defenses and avoid whatever gives me a cold or any other virus. It’s just one pill that I take every morning with my 4 other supplements, and then I already have all of the vitamins that I need for the day.

And for all of the ladies, I’ll tell you, I have NEVER had hair like this!!!! I have to style my hair differently for every scene or wash it, and because of this my hair gets damaged, but with the multi-vitamin my hair is more brilliant and stronger than ever.

Like you already know guys, it is very important to include a multi-vitamin in your daily routine so that you can get all of the nutrients you need for your diet. I hope you like the blog, and that you all keep leaving me your comments and questions below. Love you so much!!!

A big kiss, Gaby Espino

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