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Retake Control of your Diet after Thanksgiving

Retake Control of your Diet after Thanksgiving

A long holiday season is coming up, this is the time of year when we get together with all our family and friends to share an amazing time together and celebrate all the good things that happened this year. This is also the moment where we relax with our diets the most and we eat everything and anything they put in front of us. What we need to have in mind is that after the holiday we have to get back on track and be more disciplined than ever to get to the end of the year the best way possible.

Here you have a few tips on how to return to your healthy ways after this Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Don’t punish yourself: the most important thing for you right now is to avoid punishing yourself or panicking. You already had fun and enjoyed yourself the day before and you can’t really turn back time. Focus on everything that’s coming, there’s not a lot of time left in the year and the you want to end the year the best way possible. Get up fast and leave the past behind you, you can’t stay in the mistake, you must focus on finding a solution.
2. Don’t improvise with your diet: it’s very important that from the very next day you get back on track with your Yes You Can! Diet Plan. Don’t think that by skipping meals or starving yourself you can compensate for what you ate the day before. Remember that when you stop eating your body goes into a state of emergency and it sends all the food you give it into it’s reserves as fat. Make sure you eat your 3 main meals, your two snacks and drink A LOT of water. 

3. Make sure to clean your kitchen thoroughly, it is very common that after a family dinner a lot of leftovers are stored in your refrigerator and cabinets. Take some time this saturday or sunday to take out all the potatoes, sauces, desserts, and sodas that could become a temptation. It’s very important that you go to the super market and replace what you took out with healthy food like proteins, good carbs, and a lot of vegetables.

4. Use your leftovers in a healthy way: If there is some turkey leftovers you can have it in many healthy ways. For your breakfast you can make an egg white omelet  with tomatoes and turkey. For lunch, a whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and turkey or a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, lettuce, peppers, and mustard are excellent options. For dinner you could do lettuce wraps with hot sauce and turkey. Use your carb blocker. :)

5. Start your movement program right away: Even going shopping the next day or during the weekend helps your movement program. The most important thing is that you can’t just stay laying in your sofa or bed. Remember that any activity will help you, going shopping for 3 hours will burn up to 600 calories.

Best way to rest your body is to start a detox program!!!

Nothing is lost, keep going with your process and focus on your goals. There’s less than a month left for the holidays so be disciplined, keep your focus and your desire to accomplish your dreams.


Alejandro Chaban 

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