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My Emotional Diet By Chiquis Rivera

My Emotional Diet By Chiquis Rivera

Heeeeey guys!!! Here I am again with another blog post with all the details and the behind the scenes to my  Yes You Can Diet Plan adventure. My first post had amazing results and I got very excited with all the comments and questions, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me! Your guys rock!!!

Today I want to talk you a little bit about the emotional part of a diet. This plan taught me and I understood that if we want to lose weight, it’s not enough to do a physical diet, it’s very important to focus on the emotional part as well. Alejandro Chaban showed me how to identify all the situations and emotional triggers that will lead me to find comfort in food. When we're able to identify these situations we are going to be able to confront them in different ways, me for example, when I start to feel a little anxious instead of going straight to the fridge, I start to run for a little while or play some music and start singing! I know it sounds a little crazy but its very good therapy that has helped me to not seek comfort in food.

The Yes You Can Heart Shaped band has also been suuuuuuper helpful all the time. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, but then I started using it every day! Every time I started to feel a little stressed I would look at my wrist and snapped it with my heart shaped band. This will remind me of all the effort I’ve been putting in my diet and that I couldn’t just throw it away to the trash. Besides that my heart shaped band is soooooo cute! I love to see the little heart in mi wrist all day J

Every time I started a diet I made up some excuse to quit, that I was tired, that I was under a lot of pressure, family situations, even the weather!! LOL, but now all these excuses are part of the past. Now I made a commitment with myself and I have my Yes You Can! Diet Plan specialist with me every day (They’re awesome!!), this way I feel that I’m not dieting alone. It’s super cool that are always there with us, giving us all the information and motivation we need!

During this process I’ve learned that the real change comes from the inside to the outside, we have to believe that it is possible and follow this 7 simple steps:

1. Make the commitment

2. Create a list of reasons of why you are overweight and how you feel about each one.

3. Set short, medium and long term goals

4. Make affirmations of everything you want to achieve, repeat them in front of the mirror and convince yourself

5. Visualize how you want to look

6. Take action, on thing at a time

7. Always keep focused! with your natural supplements

I hope you enjoyed knowing about this part of my story and that you find the motivation you need to make the change. Believe me, if I did it you guys can do it too!! Believe en yourselves, you are very strong and nothing that gets in the way will stop you. A very big kiss for all of you and as always: keep it beautiful guys!! I love you all.


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