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How To Get Back On Track After Cheating On Your Diet

How To Get Back On Track After Cheating On Your Diet

Hey guys!!! This week has been super crazy but I still wasn’t gonna leave you with an empty Blog, for real you guys that being able to write here and seeing the amazing response has been a total blessing for me. I’ve been running around all over because I came down to Miami for Premios lo Nuestro but I was still able to take some time to tell you another little piece of my journey next to my bro Alejandro Chaban and the Yes You Can! Family

One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with during this whole process was being able to keep my craving in check. When I first started this challenge I had no idea it was gonna be so hard to go through the holidays without cheating on my diet, I had to go through Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and new years. Like must of you know I absolutely I LOOOOVE Thanksgiving, it’s one of my favorite days of the year, the whole family gets together and then I’m in charge of the kitchen! This makes it incredibly hard to focus on your diet and that’s when I drifted and cheated on mine.

We are ALL humans and we will make mistakes in our lives, everyone who’s going through a weight loss process knows that sometimes the situation or our cravings can get the best of us and we can fall. When these situation come along you have to keep in mind that:

• Under no circumstance you should give up! Remember that cheating on your diet is NOT the end of the world. You can always have your CARB BLOCKER 

• Don’t punish yourselves, let all the negative feelings out of your mind and don’t hurt yourself thinking you failed. Keep loving yourself and give more importance to the things you’ve already achieved.

• Look forward and don’t stay in the past, it’s really not helpful to think about stuff that’s in the past and that you have no way to change, focus on what you can do the next day to get back on track.

• Don’t waste energy looking for excuses or trying to place blames. Remember that making mistakes males us grow and learn so just take it as another life experience.

• Believe in yourselves, every big challenge comes with obstacles so build up that confidence and believe that you ARE gonna make it!

DO not skip meals...You should always keep a Meal replacement sugar free shake handy.

I hope you guys get inspired and that you’re always aware that the hardest tests are presented in front of us to remind us that with a little bit of will and determination we can do anything we want. A huge kiss to all you guys and I hope that very soon you guys will leave comments with the story of how you were able to reach your goals and that you’re on the way to make your dreams come trueMuch love you guys y como siempre un beso y un abrazo enorme.

Keep it beautiful Boss Bee Nation.



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