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Healthy Valentine's Day Breakfast by Chiquis Rivera

By Alejandro chaban October 22, 2022

Hey you guys!!! Happy Valentine’s Day for all of you!! I wanna send a huuuge kiss for all you and I hope you have an amazing day today, full of love and happiness. This week I wanted to do something different for the Blog and I decided to share an amazing recipe that Alejandro Chaban shared with me for today:



• 5 egg-whites

• 1/2 cup of almonds

• 1 Yes You Can!  vanilla protein shake

• 1 tbspn cinnamon

• 5 big strawberries or any mix fruits

• Cooking Spray

• Sugar free chocolate syrup


• Mix all the ingredients in a blender except for the berries and the syrup

• Cut the strawberries or mix fruits in slices 

• Un a skillet spray your cooking spray and add some of the mix

• Cook until you see little bubbles in the top and then flip the protein tortillas.

• Once it’s golden brown and then serve on to a plate.

• Do this until you run out of the mix and remember to use the spray every time to avoid burning you pancakes (trust me it happens LOL)

• Serve them up on a plate, fill the protein tortillas with strawberries or mix fruits and drizzle the sugar-free syrup over them, or even better protein vanilla syrup. 

I hope you guys love this amazing dessert and that you make it for everyone you love!. Trust me, you guys are gonna loooove it, I’m becoming kind of a pro in this chef thing hahaha I hope you guys make it and then send me pictures of it!!!I love you guys sooo much and thanks for all the love and support.

Keep it beautiful Boss Bee Nation.



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