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Healthy Birthday celebration by Gaby Espino

Healthy Birthday celebration by Gaby Espino

We only have one life and we have to enjoy it. We have t olive it to the fullest and make the most out of those unique moments like our birthday. What to do? Should we cheat on our diet? Should I eat cake? YES WE CAN! The key is in the balance, if you’ve followed a balanced diet plan during the year you can reward yourselves in the most important day of the year your BIRTHDAY! I’m going to eat a little bit of everything because honestly if I eat too much I get sleepy and swollen, I’m not used to large amounts of food. So it’ll be a little piece of each cake they give me and that’s it! LOL starting today!!

Cheating on your diet one day? Don’t be scared, nothing is ruined. Just remember your CARB BLOCKER

To be able to deal with deviations from your diet you have to consider the different cases:

• In case you broke the diet for your birthday or anniversary: a bit of cake or a few chocolates… it’s not the end of the world, just make sure you get back on track the next day and don’t punish yourself.

• In cases where there is a set menu, like at a special event: try to make it like a gala dinner and eat an appetizer, an entrée, a dessert and ONE glass on wine. DON’T go for seconds. You can keep this rhythm for a few days choosing the best options and you’ll only set yourself back a week.

• If you really went overboard for a long period of time, like in a vacation or family trip we have to go to extreme measures, start 3 consecutive days of being really GOOD and eating extra clean to reactivate the weight loss again. One step at-a-time.

Let’s remember that losing weight and taking care of ourselves is a lifestyle that takes time, it doesn’t happen from one day to the next, we have to know that it’s forever.

The ideal case is never cheating on our diet to ensure better results and because this will obviously erase the progress made before. But in special occasions or during our maintenance period it’s completely allowed, that’s why I love mi Yes You Can! Carb Blocker pills.

Send me your pre birthday wishes and I’ll be here reading them all thanksssssss for making me happy and your never ending love. Love you guys !!

Gaby Espino

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