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Don't Let PMS Stop Your diet by Chiquis Rivera

Don't Let PMS Stop Your diet by Chiquis Rivera

Hey guys!!! I’m back with another Blog for you and this week I have a topic for all my boss bee ladies out there who are in their weight loss journey together with me. When it comes to loosing weight it’s sometimes a little harder for women because of our hormonal cycles, you guys know that they get a little cray cray during a few days of the month but there are a lot of ways in which we can minimize the effect and keep on striding to our goal.

Whenever that time of the month starts creeping up on us we start feeling sad, nervous, anxious, angry and we feel like we want to eat every single candy bar or ice cream that we can find.  But ladies drop that chocolate! That’s not the answer, it’s actually just going to make it even worse. Sugar will just make you retain more liquid and that sugar rush that you feel eventually becomes a crash and your mood will be even worse than before. Skipping meals or cutting carbs is not the best way to go either because that’s just going to make your body go out of control even more.

Whenever I get cranky because of that “situation” I try to get my mind off it by doing all kinds of different things, anything from singing, dancing, reading or going out for a quick shopping spree LOL. But here are some other things that you guys can do to keep it under control:

• Get your workout on! This releases endorphins and helps you take your mind off your troubles

• Follow a balanced diet that includes lots of good carbs like black beans and brown rice veggies like broccoli and kale. These have a detoxing effect that help you get rid of all the water weight. The Yes You Can! 7 day detox program is a great tool.

• Stick to your diet no matter what, don’t cut corners or cheat you guys! Stick to what you know to keep that metabolism going. Have a protein snack handy!

• Make sure you get your beauty sleep. At least 7 hours of quality sleep is super important.

• Reduce alcohol and caffeine to a minimum.

• Stay away from tobacco at all cost!

• It is proven that reducing the consumption of sodium and eating more Protein helps tremendously to minimize the symptoms of PMS and speed up your metabolism. Change your chocolate bar for your protein bar!

• Make sure you get enough protein in your diet to help you stay full and drive those ugly cravings away. That’s why I always have my Yes You Can! Shakes with me, they give me a good amount of protein and they take care of my sweet tooth ;)

• Meditating is also an amazing way for you guys take some time for yourselves and really clear your minds of everything that’s stressing you out.

• Try the Yes You Can! Diet Plan Appetite Suppressant, as you guys saw on my Instagram this supplement is AMAZING for this time of the month because it has natural ingredients like chamomile that helps you relax a lot and 5HTP; a natural amino acid that helps produce the “hormone of happiness” called serotonin .

Well there you have it girls, make sure you follow these tips and you’ll be able to get by these awkward days with no problems at all. I hope you liked this blog and that you keep on showing me all that love and support. I love you all soooo much!!


Keep it beautiful boss bees!


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