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Does cardio make you burn fat? by Alejandro Chaban

Does cardio make you burn fat? by Alejandro Chaban

The 4 fundamental components of the Yes You Can! healthy program are: Nutrition, Emotional Health, Healthy Supplements, and Movement. This last component is very important to achieve success in your weight loss process. One of the best exercises you could do to lose weight is cardiovascular exercise. These are also known as aerobic exercises, which are low to medium intensity. These depend more on lung capacity than on physical strength and are the best ones to burn calories. The best cardio exercises are: dancing, swimming, running, riding a bicycle, and skating.

The main reasons everybody should do cardio exercises are:

• To burn calories so you can lose weight

• To strengthen your heart, so it doesn’t have to make a big effort to distribute your blood throughout your body.

• To increase lung capacity

• To reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, and high cholesterol.

• To improve your rest

• To reduce stress

Movement should always be a part of our lives; we should always try to have a movement routine that includes 35 minutes of movement at least 3 times a week. There is no need to join a gym or to own a special pair of shoes to exercise, you can do it everywhere at anytime. What matters is to keep moving and to raise our heart palpitations in order to burn calories and support our diet.

There are moments of the day in which we can maximize the results of exercising. In the mornings our metabolisms work faster, so exercising in the morning will increase our results by almost 15%. On the afternoon and at night our metabolism works slower, exercising will still work and you will still be burning calories but not as much as in the mornings. 

Cardiovascular exercises should always be done after your strength exercises (machines and weights), we should always warm up for 10 minutes, after that do your crunches, planks, or any strength exercise and finish with cardio. This way all the glycogen and carbs are used during the strength exercises and all the fat will be burnt during cardio. If you are doing only cardio we have to stretch before and after to avoid injuries.


You can add a pre workout to your routines to increase your energy levels. 

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